ECCOMI SIGNOR: Onuoha Sixtus Chike

La nostra storia vocazionale

Though I am still in the novitiate but I was told during the orientation programme that preceded the novitiate that it is an intense year of formation and initiation into the life, mission, spirituality and history of the the Society of Saint Paul. I was admitted into the novitiate on 7 th of September, 2018.

I am just five months in the novitiate but I have come to realise that it is really an intense and serious year in my formation.
At the beginning of the programme I was given a handbook which covered the academic calendar for the year. In that hand book I saw the list of programmes for this year of novitiate and I was really impressed about it.

The handbook also contained the religious subjects which we are to study during this year and their tutors.

We have already started studying them and they teach me various things
about the Congregation, Religious Life and St Paul our Patron.
The novitiate is a challenging year, as human I have my limitation but I am really experiencing God. This year has made me to take a new dimension toward my prayer life, community life and the apostolate.
Lastly, I thank God for my vocation in the Society of St. Paul and I ask for your prayers.

Onuoha Sixtus Chike
(Novice of SSP. Nigeria)

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